Is ERREWAY going to return? Yes or No !

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Is ERREWAY going to return? Yes or No !

Δημοσίευση  Juliana Την / Το Δευ Ιαν 07, 2008 5:05 am

The fans we bear a lot of time with multiple suspicions, but Camila confirmed it finally. In an intersight of Cami that was in Channel 13 of the Argentine television where there is expressed Sound of Iron, series in which she and Felipe act.

The questions of the presenter did not remain in his current work in the series, if not that were further away and asked him on Erreway and Rebel Way, mentioning that the stage of the series was a very important part of his life and that he was making great grace know that to some fans of the group it sat badly that they met his Mexican counterparts, the group RBD, when they visited Spain in December. But did not the topic Erreway remain there and they went to the quandary to which the fans are interested in and which we have wondering for time � Erreway it is going to return? Camila answered directly to the presenter that: Not, he did not believe that the group was returning again , the suspicions are confirmed.

Four months it has been the time that we have taken in receiving this response. In July confirming to us that his new disc would go out under the title I "Return".

Many rumors exist on the porquι of this decision, because this way and because to do illusions to thousands of fans.

They aim at some of these rumors which some component of the group got angry with the organization of the same one because of which the new disc was composed by remaining songs of other Argentine series of the same making, as Alma Pirata or Almost Angels, something that was not ready to do.

This is something that is not confirmed on the part of the organization or the components of the group and on that we doubt that some day we could know more on the mystery that it wraps to this so hard topic for us.

Again the fans we are again in the same situation through that we live between ends of 2004 until middle of 2006, a stage in which concept of Erreway as group remains in pause and without any type of advance or news, for it we hope that it spends again the same that then, that the people keep on being of interest his components, even that separately.

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